Typically, an exterior paint job can be broken down into three main steps: prep work, body application and trim application. Often times, it is the prep work that is going to dictate the quality and longevity of your paint job; and because of the harsh  Arizona heat, it is even more important to ensure adequate prep work. It is very important to regularly maintain the exterior of your property by properly prepping and repainting around every 5-7 years.

  • Our Exterior Painting Process
  • First, to ensure a clean painting surface and provide maximum paint adhesion we do a high pressure wash of your house to remove any dirt, debris, and chalking paint.  It is important to remove any failing paint and provide a competent painting surface.
  • Cracks and holes can be a serious and destructive problem.  Because of this, we use high quality and long lasting caulking and spackle to fill any cracks or holes along the house.  By sealing openings across the exterior, we are able to prevent moisture from causing further damage
  • Next, it is crucial to prime all bare areas, whether it be bare woodwork or stucco patches we spot prime all bare areas with a the highest quality primers.  If you’re looking for quality and a lasting paint job, the use of primers is critical. 
  • After taking care to ensure that all proper surface prep has been taken care of, we then mask of all locations that are to remain unpainted.  Usually this includes windows, doors, rooflines, sidewalks, lighting.  This is important not only to provide a clean and professional job but to also eliminate the chance of overspray in unwanted areas.
  • Upon final completion of the prep work and masking, it is then we apply 2 coats of quality paints to provide a lasting and quality finish coat.
  • Last to eliminate touch-ups and defects we take several laps around the house to take care of any blemishes or inconsistencies.  We then take you around the house for a final inspection and to ensure that our work meets your expectations.